Base Activities

Base Activities

Instead of having just one activity for a ganger to take care of between missions, there will be a plethora of activities a ganger can partake. To start, there will not be a ganger for each activity but that gives the unit room to grow. These activities have changed a little from regular Necromunda as the focus of this is more on the fighting and less on the between fight survival.


This does not exist in Necromunda. This allows the unit to research technology for the purposes of building and using it. To start, the unit has limited capabilities to be able to build facilities and gear, as the campaign progresses their capabilities should grow.
To research, a ganger must be assigned to researching a topic. Some topics may be figured out quickly and some may take a longer period of time to research. There is a bit of randomness to the research to simulate the brainstorming of an idea or the mind-block of the thought process. More than one ganger can be assigned to research, but after the first there is a reduction in how much help the ganger provides.

The ganger rolls 1d6 for research each campaign turn (each ganger after the first adds +1 to the roll). This roll is added from turn to turn until the project completes. Once the research number hits the target number of the research, the project is completed. Half of any extra research can be applied to the next project (round up).

Trading Post

The trading post works similarly as it does in Necromunda. Instead of requiring the leader however, a ganger can be entrusted to take care of the purchases and sales for the gang. If someone is heading to the trading post to sell, they roll a d6 to see how many items are for sale. For every ganger that goes with to help the buying/selling there is a +1 to the roll for how many items are for sale.

Money Collection

There is a definite difference how money is collected in comparison to Necromunda. Instead of working territories, gangers work the contracts with the Houses of the spire who provide funding for the unit. Each house has its own budget line and will provide funding based on each individual house’s like/dislike for the unit. The higher the unit has of a reputation with a house, the more money they will receive. As a result of the bureaucracy of the houses and securing the budget, each ganger can only collect from one of the Houses per campaign turn.

Building Facilities

Unlike Necromunda, the unit gets a headquarters as its base of operations. At first it contains Spartan accommodations and is just “good enough”. As the gang creates a budget surplus and researches newer technologies, new upgrades will be available for the headquarters. These upgrades can provide a multitude of benefits and will change what the unit can do and how it acts.

Gather Information

A ganger can be sent out to gather information on a threat or potential rival in the underhive. There may or may not be a rumor or information available, and these can provide missions that can either bolster or hinder reputation amongst the Houses and Arbiters. To gather information roll 2d6, on a roll of 10+ the ganger finds some piece of information.

Interrogate Prisoner

This works similarly to gathering information. If the unit has a prisoner, they may attempt to extract information out of the prisoner. A ganger can interrogate the prisoner as his campaign turn action. Roll 2d6 and if the roll comes up doubles, then a random piece of information has been found.

Manufacture Items

This option does not exist in Necromunda either. This allows the unit to have a ganger build items that they have the technology to build. At the start, few things are buildable, as the unit researches items this list will grow. The cost to build an item varies depending on the item type and the base cost ranges from 50% to 75% of the buy price.

Base Activities

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